Welcome to ZETECH College ICT CENTRE.

The ICT Centre serves as a suitable learning resource which houses modern computing facilities,
running up-to-date software. Our dedicated faculty offers courses ranging from International Certifications, Computer Aided Design among others, serving needs of students at novice, intermediary and expert levels. All computers in the ICT Centre are connected to the internet to facilitate research,
allowing students to keep abreast with the rapidly

End-User Professional

This encompasses a combination of courses which provides skills and competencies necessary to be a proficient computer user and expertise in using common computer applications. In order to achieve the End-User Professional Certification, individuals must pass a test for each of the 8 modules, which are divided into two levels:

Financial Applications

QuickBooks – accounting software that manages daily business economic activities and generates printed and graphical reports, E.g. Tax reports.

SagePastel - accounting software that tracks economic activities of the business and generates customized reports as per user needs, delivering enhanced productivity and security.

Technical Support Professional

Courses offered here are technical/mechanical courses meant to equip one with skills to handle hardware aspects of the PC & related issues. Its prerequisite is a ‘Pass’ in EUP. It contains:

Web Design Specialist

This course is designed for those with a desire to be web designers, web masters, web assistants and related careers. Its prerequisite is a pass in EUP. It is divided into two parts.

Computer Programming Specialist (CPS)

This course is designed to develop student proficiency in programming, and to introduce the student to the variety of skills necessary to create dynamic web content and transaction-based web systems.

Operating Systems

Linux (User & Administrator) – This is an open source operating system which runs on server machines because of its complexity and high security features, especially in terms of virus attacks.

Windows 2003 Server (User & Administrator) – This is a Microsoft Operating System specifically designed to run on server machines. It bears all features of the professional Windows Operating System in addition to server configurations.

International Certifications

Cisco’s CCNA – This is Cisco’s entry-level course and is covered in one module. It’s a fully hands-on course, and provides in-depth skills in configuring Cisco routers. Students take an international online exam offered by Cisco VUE testing centre.

CCNP – This is a highly technical Cisco certification course that has four modules. It covers the management, implementation, design, and deployment of Cisco Technology – catalyst switches, routers and firewalls – used in Local Area and Wide Area Network setup and support. Students sit an international online exam offered by Cisco VUE testing centre.

Oracle 10g – This is certification offered by Oracle University on its Oracle database. Oracle is a database that offers increased scalability, higher security and greater reliability.

MCSE - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer is the highest certification from Microsoft. The course entails learning a desktop and network operating system, Active Directory and Network Infrastructure, designing security for a Microsoft Windows Network, among others. It comprises eight courses. To be MCSE certified, you must pass all the eight exams offered by Microsoft for MCSE at a VUE testing centre.

MCAD - Microsoft Certified Application Developer for Microsoft.Net course entails learning how to develop Windows-based applications. The course is based on Microsoft Visual Studio.NET and a Microsoft Database Server e.g. SQL Server. It’s a top-level certification for advanced developers who design and develop leading-edge enterprise solutions, using Microsoft development tools and technologies.

MCDBA - Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) is a certification that demonstrates one’s skills necessary to lead organizations in the successful design, implementation, and administration of Microsoft SQL Server databases. An MCDBA candidate needs to pass three core and one elective exam that provide a valid and reliable measure of technical proficiency and expertise in the implementation and administration of SQL Server databases. After MCSE Certification one can easily be an MCDBA after sitting a general MCDBA exam.

Fibre Optic Certification- Fibre Optic course provides a practical real-world perspective on the fundamentals of Fibre Optic technology and optical communications.

E-Commerce- This course provides the learner with an overview of the state of e-commerce today. It defines electronic commerce and discusses its elements and their effect on modern business.

Graphic Design Professional

Adobe PageMaker - It is a desktop publishing package that is used in developing publications like business cards, brochures, booklets, letterheads etc. It has advanced features as compared to basic word processors.

Adobe InDesign - It’s an enhancement of Adobe PageMaker which allows one to integrate both text and graphics when developing booklets and magazines.

Adobe Illustrator- It’s is a component of the Adobe Suite which enables one to develop graphics from scratch or edit existing documents. Advertisements, logos and major graphics can be developed using this programme.

Adobe Photoshop - Photographs are used in different publications; to enhance the appearance of these images, Photoshop is used. It therefore enables advanced editing of photographs.

Corel Draw - It’s ideal for the designing of logos, letterheads and other publications created from scratch. It can be used to develop bitmap graphics.

MS Publisher- It’s a Microsoft product that has a variety of predesigned publications in form of wizards. After running the wizard, the user selects a template which is edited so as to come up with a camera-ready publication. Such publications may include: folder cards, brochures, and business cards.

Computer Aided Design

AutoCAD - This is a comprehensive 2 and 3D drawing software that uses lines to come up with complex structures and drawings. Its most powerful feature is that it can generate any type of a drawing, be it architectural or mechanical, making it an industry standard all over the world in Computer Aided Design.

ArchiCAD - For architects, interior designers, quantity surveyors and anyone in the building and construction industry who wishes to add flair to their work, or students wishing to get into such professions, this definitely is the programme for you. It is suited for mechanical drawings.

AutoCAD Mechanical/AutoCAD Electrical - These are specialized design softwares for either mechanical or electrical engineers. A purpose built design and drafting application that offers significant productivity gains is what AutoCAD Mechanical is about.

Piranessi - is a unique 3D point programme that enables architects, artists and designers to easily produce exhibition quality drawings from 3D model. Piranesi excels at turning your conceptual 3D models into wonderfully atmospheric and persuasive visualization, with a whole host of effects to allow you to focus the eye and the attention to the key elements of your design.

Image Rendering using Atlantis - This is an image rendering software that works hand in hand with ArchiCAD and AutoCAD files. Atlantis produces clear and crisp images, depicting structure, as it would appear in real life.This adds value to presentation. The programme also provides 3D interaction with your structure using panoramas and animations.

Graphic Design Animation

3D Max – It’s an AutoDesk software for generating realistic characters, seamless computer graphic effects, dropping games, top-quality film and television content. Enhanced toolsets enable the user to create a 3D environment to manage complex scenes and take advantage of improved software interoperability and pipeline-integration support.

Flash – A programme specifically designed for creation of a wide range of animations for the web. It contains powerful tools which allow users to design an animation within a short time.

MAYA – It's an AutoDesk software for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and visual effects software that offers artists an end-to-end creative workflow.

Toon Boom – It’s a complex package with plenty to learn and workflows that are derived from hand-drawn cell animation, rather than from digital design. It is a 2D paperless animation studio, although you can place your 2D animations in a 3D environment.

Statistical Data Analysis

Statistical Theory -This is an introductory course for novice students lacking prior knowledge in statistics.

SPSS - Statistical Package for the Social Science (SPSS) is a data management and analysis programme. It computes statistics far more complex than Excel and allows analysis of very large amounts of research data.

MS Project - Microsoft Office Project Standard 2007 gives users robust project management tools with the right blend of usability, power and flexibility so as to manage projects more efficiently.

International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL)

ICDL computing, its practical applications and their use in the workplace and society in general. To receive this certification, all seven modules must be passed. The ICDL is the world’s largest and fastest growing certification of Basic IT skills.