Why ZETECH College?

ZETECH College was established in 1999, anchored on a central theme of ‘Developing Careers’. We offer a wide range of career-oriented courses which prepare our students for a fulfilling and exciting life, and encourage them to think of their college days as an introduction to life-long learning and the development of life skills.

ZETECH College is registered by the Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology and recognized by a number of local and international accrediting and registration bodies making the certifications offered globally recognized.

The College has a commitment to bring out the very best from its students, at the various levels and prides itself in the caring attitude of its staff and faculty, who give students the extra support and attention they need to succeed.
Getting an education is one of the most important decisions you will make. The quality of education you receive will highly influence your productivity and performance in your future place of work.

As a highly ranked teaching College in Kenya, ZETECH can certainly offer you the best education possible. We strongly believe that ZETECH will enable you to maximize your College education and offer opportunities that will make your study experience a truly memorable and worthwhile event. So, why choose ZETECH College?

Qualified Academic Staff

The College has a unique set of well qualified academic staff members who have extensive knowledge of teaching and have an in-depth knowledge in their respective areas of training. Staff in the College are exposed to many training and professional development opportunities.


This is an endorsement provided by a trusted authority that validates the competence, credibility and integrity of the institution and courses they offer.

Our range of accreditations and listings ensure that, as a graduate of ZETECH, your qualification will be respected and recognized globally by both industry and Government. Our range of accreditations, recognitions, listings, partnerships and memberships include: JKUAT, KNEC, City & Guilds, ABE, ICDL, IATA, ICM, NITA among others.

Professional and Career-oriented Certification

ZETECH’s programmes are designed to foster professional and personal development. The up-to-date curricula for the various programmes offered at the College are designed to offer relevance in the rapidly changing world and foster the qualities of imagination and independence of thought.

Modern College Library

The College Library endeavors to present an open door to all who wish to make the most of their time at ZETECH. It incorporates computer-based learning support facilities to provide access to up-to-date research information.

Students with internet access can remotely access library catalogues and carry out various functions, such as reserving titles.

Convenient Campus Locations

The College has several branches located in the very heart of the Nairobi Central Business District.

Placement and Alumni Office

The College’s Placement and Alumni Office comprises a dedicated team which helps in making the transition from student to career life as easy as possible. The Office assists students in among other areas: securing internships, creating powerful resumes and developing their confidence by conducting mock interviews to prepare them for actual interviews. It also maintains a register of ZETECH Alumni and organizes various forums where Alumni can meet and network.

Computing Facilities

Each Campus has a computer laboratory with internet ready computers which is accessible to all students.

Student’s Association

The ZETECH Student’s Association (ZESA) provides student representation within and outside the College. The Association is instrumental in bridging the gap between the College management and students.